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Tell us about your characters! Empty Tell us about your characters!

Post by Suishuriken on 9/14/2009, 12:01 pm

I guess I'll start off!

I made suishuriken few months after the first anniversary. Yes suishuriken is quite old. lol. I was a maple noob like most of you guys were then, and due to limited resources, it took so long to level. Between back then and now, i may have taken atleast 15 breaks, mostly because leveling is hard and boring. What really got suishuriken level up was being able to get some nx, sell some nx to ppeople, and buy godly items for my level, and eventually Riya inviting me to Zanpakutou. That's where my character entered its turning point.

(skipping the 3 years of story, jumping into present)

Eventually i reached lv 131, own a guild full of friendly, loyal, reliable, and very fun and exciting groups of guildies, and unfortunately, bombarded with chat invites from buddies/guildies alike =P.

lv 131 Night Lord
2 dex, 17 luck, 80 attack Reverse Lampion (requires 160 dex)
killed zakum w/party
killed papulatus w/party
soloed Griffey, Manon, Big Foot, Headless Horseman, and other lower level minibosses
died at snails at lv 126


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Tell us about your characters! Empty Re: Tell us about your characters!

Post by Twaa! on 9/14/2009, 5:24 pm

It was the end of summer in 2007. I made my first file in mardia (brendino24) but shortly after realized it was not the world the person who recommended maplestory for me was playing on. So, I promptly left everything on mardia behind (including some good friends) and made way for Khaini.

Once in Khaini, I made brendino26 which is still here to this day as a level 50 fighter. On my first day in Khaini, being the moron I am, I forgot how to get into the training camp, and many completely new people didn't know either. This eventually ended up in 150 complete noobs standing around trying to figure out how to get past that map. It took us about 20 minutes to figure out, and then we all stormed maple island. Another thing about maple island, it is where I met my first maple gf (lasted for an entire hour! still my longest maple relationship). After that hour I never saw her again. Then I proceeded to Perion to get the job as a warrior because I thought Dragon Knight sounded awesome.

I got my job as warrior, and then trained to around level 20 using hpq. At lvl 25, I met Joe, who was going to do a private hpq with his first maple wife, Tiliene. This was not also the start of me being in a Guild, but it was also the start of me nosing around in Joe's love affairs. I was welcomed by the guild (Zanpakutou) and decided I wouldn't leave for a long time. I eventually got to level 30, and decided to get the Fighter job, mostly because I thought it would let me use my fists, but also for the fact I didn't know that you had to be spearman to become a DK.

However, during the first Winter event I was in, I met Stephen
(w1z3tpope) and helped him and his friend do the Maplemas event. He was
interested in our guild, and during that time, Joe was very active, so
he was there to invite him.

That being said, I started to realize I was a complete and total noob, so I did little or nothing about it. But, then I made KhaniPervet (i regret that name now) as a joke, and I also made brendino25 (first archer). KhaniPervert didn't go anywhere, so I switched to brendino25, which is where I met my second maple gf, and the relationship lasted a grand total of 15 seconds. No joke. And so, I abandoned my archer, and went back to my cleric, aka KhaniPervet. I got it to around level 42, and then stopped, and made a sindit (EvelBrenEvel) which has been my only character that has been in a guild that has not been in the alliance. The guild was called SOAP, and I have never seen anyone in it since I left. I grew bored of it, so eventually I made a female character and convinced many of our guildies that I was actually a girl. The only ones in on the joke were me and Joe. That character, along with EvelbrenEvel, no longer exists.

I only finally had a character past 50 since December of 2008, right around when this forum was set up. My first character past 50 was KhaniPervert, who is now my level 81 priest. However, I didn't like the massive amounts of pots I needed to use to level, and i was getting tired of Mysterious Path 3(43-81 there), so I made a brawler. As of now, that brawler is only level 49, but it is rising in levels.

As for my guild experience, it has been a strange, yet fun one. I have helped many guildies with general stuff, and have made some good friends. I have helped Joe with all of his relationships, and half-spoonfed him two of them. I have grown accustomed to a lot of people, and I am still surprised at the amount of unactive people we have.

Personally, I don't think I could ever leave maplestory, even if I wanted too. However, I have spent none of my own money on it, but I did have nx at one point, but it was gifted to me. Currently poor by maplestory standards, I use the best equips the shops have, which usually suck. However, it never stops me from at least attempting to gain money in one form or another.

Half-Spoonfed Joe two maple relationships
Level 81 priest
Managed to blow up a godly axe in the making with 1 slot left. (full of 10% scrolls working)
Managed to die 80 times while not trying to die
Have never had more than 10 buddies at a time (GO ME)
Soloed Mano (xxXXxxI R 2 PR0Z0RZ 4 U!!!!1111!!!!11!!!xxXXxx)

Here endeth the longest thing I have typed in a long time, and probably will write until I get a blog.

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Tell us about your characters! Empty Re: Tell us about your characters!

Post by yotipo91 on 9/16/2009, 9:01 pm

Too much to explain; may update later.

Started on the account 'Saunders' in Scania when just Scania, Bera, and Broa were out. This was in Sept 2005, when I was in 7th grade so that's a little more than 5 years ago. There was no Ludibrium at this point. I had no idea what I was doing and I made a mage and I didn't know to put in SP. The GUI was extremely different and user unfriendly.

I also made a bajillion other characters and accounts, but most notably:

x804x - Outlaw lv112 (Khaini)
Started this char in October 2008 with a friend at school named Drew, though he hasn't gone on him since before level 50. I invested the most NX on this character, and he was the first of mine to get zhelmed.
Training: 1-30, idk 31-51 CPQ, 51-71 2x drop LMPQ, 71-84, Mostly h/voodoo and some MP3 and some Magatia PQ., 84-112, Newties and I got from 108 to 109 with one leech session.

Excalib0rg - Dawn Warrior lv55 (Khaini)
KoC of my outlaw. Played with Greg, Mark, Joe, Gene, Dennis, Andrew, and people who were active over summer. First character to get broken glasses.

xFox360 - Chief Bandit lv85 (Windia)
Started this 2 years ago and semi-quit when I began on my outlaw. This is probably my 2nd most played character.

xTonkatsu - Marauder lv70 (Khaini)
xEpilepsy - Cleric lv51 (Khaini)
foxspear91 - Spearman lv43 (Bellocan)
Mudkap - Fighter lv41 (Kradia)
aAura - Cleric lv33 (Mardia)

One of my earlier accounts before getting banned
Tell us about your characters! Mage
The cursor was different, and the quest stuff had Maple, Victoria, and Ossyria.

Tell us about your characters! Excalib0rg
Tell us about your characters! X804x
Tell us about your characters! Xfox360

|My Music|Myspace|FFR|
I also go on ODI and bluexoon.

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Tell us about your characters! Empty Re: Tell us about your characters!

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