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Wanna do something Epic?

Post by Twaa! on 2/7/2010, 5:59 pm

I got this idea when I saw the people from our newest guild in the alliance have 3 people at the same level and pretty much the same EXP. What I'm trying to do is get together a bunch of people that will be active and level at pretty much the same exact time. The minimum amount of people is 5, and the max would be 12, with nothing in between. Each person would get their own job with no multiple jobs, depending on how many people there are. So basically, something like this.

5 people: 1 Warrior, 1 Bowman, 1 Mage, 1 Thief, 1 Pirate.

12 People: 1 spearman, 1 fighter, 1 page, 1 xbow, 1 bow, 1 I/L, 1 F/P, 1 cleric, 1 sin, 1 bandit, 1 brawler, and 1 gunslinger.

Basically, all the jobs or all the classes. Few rules though.

1. Must be active and willing to spend a lot of time.
2. Must be willing to train with the party
3. Must not do any training when a member of the party is absent
4. Must want to see Khaini's reaction to 5 or 12 people all getting 200 at once (aka, all get 200 from the same kill)
5. Must be willing to help the others with whatever they need to the best of your ability.
6. Must follow the set naming scheme (to be decided.)
7. The Characters CAN NOT be dexless, lukless, or strless.

If any questions are present or you want to join in on what could become legendary comment below. Naming theme ideas are welcome too.

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